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Master Lu


Master Lu

Master Lu, born in Nanjing China, is the second born son of a doctor/acupuncturist mother and a Wu Shu Chi Gong instructor father.

The house where Master Lu was raised was only minutes away from the most revered Taoist temple in Nanjing.  It was at this temple that Master Lu met his first master at the age of eight.

Later, Master Lu studied under various masters the arts of Chi Gong, Chi Healing, acupuncture, acupressure, traditional Chinese natural therapies, human anatomy, face and palm reading, Feng Shui, and energy,
Tai Chi and Wu Shu.

After completing secondary school, Master Lu attended university.  He graduated in philosophy and
Chinese Literature.

With the knowledge that he had a special gift, at age 36, Master Lu arrived in Australia.  Shortly after, he opened
Chi Masters Academy.  This academy is venue for Master Lu to continue his life’s dedication to share his special gift and practice, use and teach the sacred techniques of “Tao Chan Mi Yi Shi Chi Gong” (Power Chi Healing)
to help those in need.

The “Tao Chan Mi Yi Shi Chi Gong” (Power Chi Healing) is the most suitable for western students.  Power Chi Healing is 100% safe and can be used at any and all levels and in all walks of life

During the past 20 years Master Lu has been sharing his special gift with thousands of people,  many with life threatening diseases such as cancer, and has succeed in assisting them to regain their health and happiness.